Tape making: indonesian sake???

If thinking about tape, I could smell its unique aroma. Actually it’s easy making those kind “dessert”. All you need are around you kitchen! How do we make the TAPE? OK, Lets talk about TAPE making.

Tools you need:

  1. A bowl to mix powdered yeast pill and cooked glutinous rice
  2. Stirrer, you can use your clean hand also (not salt contaminated/touching salt before)
  3. Container to ferment your cooked glutinous rice and powdered yeast pill


  1. 500 grams glutinous rice
  2. 20 grams yeast (in Indonesia its form just like a pill=2 pills), more yeast more faster you can eat TAPE
  3. Water


Cook glutinous rice to make it easy degrade by yeast . Rinse rice throughly by water once time, put it into steamer. Cook it about 40 minutes and take all cooked rice into a bowl. Leave it about 1 hour until its temperature reach about 28-30 degrees. Pour powdered yeast pill throughly into bowl until all rice’s part look  a bit pale. You have done! Now put a bowl’s cover (you can use wide hanky or air tight sealer), cover your bowl, don’t try to open it  in first 2 days, Now you can taste your first TAPE.  Next time I would post steps making your first TAPE  picture.

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